Between the historic city centre, the vibrant harbour and beach, The Hague offers the perfect combination of cultural highlights, shopping and relaxing in 2018. The Royal City celebrates 200 years of its seaside resort Scheveningen, which comes with interesting cultural and sports events both on the coast and in town.

Exactly 200 years ago Jacobus Pronk built the first bathhouse in Scheveningen; a small wooden cabin with four bath tubs with seawater. This turned into the first beach resort in the Netherlands. Since 1818 Scheveningen has evolved into a lively seaside resort for a wide public. In North West Europe The Hague is the only big city by the sea. The historical city centre and eleven kilometers of beach are a unique combination.

Landmark Decade Rings at Scheveningen beach

Landscaping architect and artist Bruno Doedens brings twenty decades of Scheveningen to life with an immensely large sand sculpture at the beach. The iconic landmark will be dug out in the sand close to the historic shopping street Keizerstraat. You can experience this work of art from the inside and take a walk through the decade rings. From 12 February 2018 – 12 April 2018

National Trust at the Mauritshuis

English country houses have traditionally been the home to Dutch Golden Age masters. Most of these paintings were acquired during the eighteenth century, the heyday of the English country house. Although over time many owners were forced to sell works to raise funds, there are still many extraordinary paintings to be found in country houses today. For this exhibition, the Mauritshuis has selected the most beautiful Dutch paintings from houses managed by the National Trust. This will be a first: never before has such a selection been exhibited in the Netherlands. From 11 October 2018 – 6 January 2019.

Finish Volvo Ocean Race 2018 in The Hague

The Volvo Ocean Race is the longest and toughest sailing race in the world. In June 2018, this legendary race will, for the first time in its history, finish in The Netherlands. After sailing 46,000 nautical miles, the city of The Hague is the ultimate destination. For nine days, Scheveningen harbour will be devoted to sailing and water sports. Expect lots of water sports activities, as well as plenty of entertainment. The Finish promises to be a festival for all ages, sailing fans, sports enthusiasts and families. Access will be free!

From city centre to beach in fifteen minutes

The Hague has more to offer! It breathes culture and the historical city centre offers many boutiques for excellent shopping. The Hague is home to Vermeer’s famous ‘Girl with a Pearl earring’ and to the world’s largest collection of paintings by Mondrian. Moreover The Hague is situated on the coast, where you can eat fresh fish at Scheveningen harbour after a stroll along the beach. It only takes on average fifteen minutes to get to the beach from the city centre and vice versa. A new tool provides insight into how quickly you can get from the Mauritshuis in town to a restaurant at the harbour. Or from the Pier to the Royal Palace. You’ll find it here.

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