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Wizz Air and Neste Agree SAF Purchase


Wizz Air, the most environmentally responsible airline in the world [1] and the airline with the highest rate of growth in Europe, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Neste for the supply of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) beginning in 2025.

The MoU enables Wizz Air to buy 36,000 tonnes of SAF from Neste for the provision of the airline’s routes throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. Through this collaboration, Wizz Air is able to move forward with its goal of lowering the amount of CO2 per passenger kilometre.

The statement strengthens Wizz Air’s position as the greenest airline and is an important component of the company’s environmental plan, which calls for a 25% reduction in carbon emissions intensity by 2030 and the achievement of net-zero emissions by 2050. Wizz Air accomplished its in 2022.

Using leftover cooking oil and animal fat waste, Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel is made from responsibly harvested, 100% renewable waste and residual raw materials.

Prior to use, SAF is blended with regular jet fuel and is perfectly compatible with the current fueling system and aeroplane engines. SAF has a life cycle carbon footprint that is much less than traditional jet fuel while still providing comparable performance. When compared to utilising fossil jet fuel, using Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel cuts greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80% [2].

Jonathan Wood, Vice President Europe, Renewable Aviation at Neste, said’ “Neste is committed to helping the aviation industry move towards a more sustainable future. This agreement with Wizz Air, one of the industry’s sustainability leaders, shows how we are enabling airlines to use SAF across their route networks. We look forward to working together with Wizz Air on the reduction of their carbon emissions, as we increase our annual SAF production capacity to 1.5 million tons by the end of 2023.”

[1] According to the CAPA – Centre for Aviation Awards for Excellence 2022

[2]  When used in neat form (i.e. unblended) and calculated with established life cycle assessment (LCA) methodologies, such as CORSIA methodology

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