World Travel Market has launched its Responsible Tourism Awards for Latin America. Would you like to make a nomination?

The rewards will be deliberated over by a group of consultants, specialists, tour operators and members of this regional association.

World Travel Market was launched in London in 1980 in Olympia and had 350 exhibitors. It later moved to Earls Court then on to ExCel. WTM has also created a number of regional spin-offs including Arabian Travel Market in 1994, WTM Latin America in 2012 and WTM Africa in 2014.

Responsible Tourism awards Catatumbo lightning
The village of Ologa near Catatumbo c. Hannah East

What are the WTM Responsible Tourism Awards categories for Latin America?

Poverty reduction and greater inclusion

This involves the use of travel and tourism to lower poverty in the local communities and to bring marginalised groups into the tourism economy.

Conservation of wildlife

This is the use of tourism to protect the biodiversity of the area, through encouraging others to value and protect it.

Conserving cultural heritage

Protecting cultural, historical and natural treasures through being a vivid part of the visitor’s appreciation during their trip is the aim of this category.

Responsible tourism

This category can include a little of each of the above. Tourism has a positive effect on the local reality and ensures some form of long-term sustainability as well as a pleasant experience for the visitors.

For an example of a possible award candidate read Mark Heath’s : Catatumbo Lightning Storms, Venezuela.

When and where are the WTM Responsible Tourism Awards Latin America given out?

They will be part of WTM Sao Paulo, from Tuesday 31 March to Thursday 2 April, 2020. The full address is:

Expo Center Norte,
Rua José Bernardo Pinto,
333 – Vila Guilherme, São Paulo

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To nominate an organisation, complete the form here. For more on responsible tourism, see:

(cover photo : the amazing Catatumbo electric storms c. Alan Highton)