6 Amenities and Features to Look For in a Costa Rica Luxury Vacation Rental

With an impressive array of upscale amenities and seamless service, luxury vacation homes in Costa Rica offer refined travel experiences


Luxury accommodations have undergone a remarkable shift, with vacation homes emerging as formidable contenders to traditional hotels.

Luxury vacation homes offer unparalleled privacy, exclusivity and other personalized amenities that they are now at par with, and often surpass, the experience provided by top-tier hotels.

Premium Costa Rica vacation home rentals boast expansive living spaces, private pools, dedicated staff and bespoke concierge services that elevate your stay. Moreover, these properties are usually nestled within prestigious neighborhoods or picturesque landscapes, or both, giving you an authentic charm unmatched by conventional hotel stays.

With an impressive array of upscale amenities and seamless service, luxury vacation homes in Costa Rica offer refined travel experiences that set apart your holiday here from all the others.

What to Look For in a Costa Rica Luxury Vacation Home Worth Renting

If you’re planning a holiday in Costa Rica, ensure you stay at one of the best luxury vacation rentals here by looking for the following amenities and features:

1.     Location and accessibility

Staying at a rental close to tourist attractions is a must to make the most of your vacation in Costa Rica. However, you should also consider other factors to ensure you choose a strategically located vacation home.

Consider the rental’s location and how it meets your preferences. Choose a vacation home with seaside views and access to a beach if you want a coastal holiday and flaunt your summer outfits and straw hats.

Also, find out if there are restaurants, cafes and entertainment hubs nearby to ensure you have dining and recreational options during your stay here.

Since vacation rentals have fully equipped kitchens, feel free to create your culinary masterpieces here. Choose a holiday home near a supermarket, grocery store or farmer’s market so that you can buy everything you need to cook meals or prepare snacks.

If you’re not renting a car during your stay here, look into the available modes of transportation to ensure you won’t have difficulties going to and departing the holiday home. You can also check beforehand if the property has a concierge to help you find or arrange your ride.

2.     Size and ambiance

One of the biggest draws of holiday rentals is they offer more rooms and larger spaces. When you choose the right luxury vacation home in Costa Rica, your group can stay in one place without worrying about cramped rooms and paying additional charges.

If you’re traveling to Costa Rica with your family or friends, splurge on a five- or six-bedroom luxury home to accommodate everyone. Even if some of them need to share rooms, the bedrooms are spacious and comfortable enough for two or three people.

But to avoid overspending, consider how many people are in your group when choosing your accommodation. Make a plan of who and how many can share a room. Doing so can help you select a rental that is comfortable for everyone while staying within your budget.

Aside from the rental’s size, consider its design and overall ambiance. The most sought-after vacation homes have high-quality furnishings, classy decor, and an interior that evokes a sense of relaxation and sophistication.

3.     Amenities and Services

High-end vacation homes offer amenities and services that make them the perfect accommodation for a luxury vacation. These include the following:

  • A fully equipped kitchen with modern appliances
  • Fully furnished dining, living, and entertainment or leisure spaces
  • Spacious bathrooms with showers and bathtubs
  • Comfortable and stylish furnishings in the bedrooms
  • Fast, reliable Wi-Fi access
  • Smart or flat-screen TV
  • A barbecue area, private pool, garden and other outdoor spaces
  • Housekeeping, maintenance and concierge services

Find out if you can get help with hiring a personal chef, massage therapist or manicurist if you want to enjoy these services in the comfort of your holiday home.

4.     Gym and sports equipment

If you want to stay on top of your fitness goals even while on vacation, look for a holiday rental with a home gym or, at the very least, the equipment you need to work out. This bonus amenity makes it easy for you to squeeze in at least an hour or so of exercise to maintain your weight and burn the extra calories.

If the rental you prefer does not have a home gym and any exercise equipment, find out if there are any fitness centers nearby so that you can still work out during your holiday. In case you practice yoga or Pilates, check if there are classes you can join while you’re in Costa Rica as well.

It is also worth looking into the sports and recreational amenities the holiday rental offers. These can include a ping-pong table, a foosball table, and water volleyball equipment.

These amenities can give you and your group additional fun things to do while staying at the vacation home.

5.     Smart home technology

A luxury vacation rental should offer more than flat-screen TVs and cable channels. It should allow you to use online streaming services, such as Netflix and Disney+. A bluetooth speaker system can also elevate your watching enjoyment.

Rentals with smart thermostats and locks, voice-controlled lights and outdoor security cameras can enhance your comfort and give you peace of mind throughout your stay.

These features can give you greater efficiency, comfort and security regardless of how long you stay at the property.

6.     High-end essentials

The best luxury holiday homes provide guests with plush linens, high thread count sheets, memory foam pillows, fluffy towels, soft bathrobes and more. The kitchen should also be replete with high-end tableware and other dining essentials.

These items evoke a sense of decadence, immersing you and your companions in comfort and opulence.

High-end toiletries are also a big plus if they are provided in the rental since they complete your stay and make it even more luxurious. Moreover, they add to the home’s overall opulent ambiance.

Luxury vacation rentals should offer more than just a place to stay — they should provide an unforgettable experience replete with indulgence and refinement.

You can enjoy a memorable posh getaway to Costa Rica when you stay at a luxury vacation home that provides these essential amenities, features and services.

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