One of Asia’s most intriguing destinations is imbued with artistic vitality and creativity this summer as it hosts the inaugural Art Macao, a mega international arts and culture event taking place to October. With 40 large scale events taking place in 44 venues and public spaces across the city, Macao offers a new cultural experience on an unprecedented scale for both visitors and residents alike.

The event’s highlight is the Art Macao: International Art Exhibition, in which visual art works are presented at the Macao Museum of Art, as well as at various participating hotels, integrated resorts and consulates.  Ancient and contemporary works of art – including paintings, ceramics, sculptures, interactive installations and multimedia presentations – by artists from China and around the world offer an inspiring visual feast for the public.

Haojiang Moonlight Night – Dance Drama Thangka

Art installations are also displayed in outdoor public spaces, creating an artistic atmosphere in all corners of the city.  These include a 7m bamboo structure Sanctuary at the Mount Fortress Garden by João Ó and Rita Machado and The Wanderer at the Taipa Houses made of 22 pieces of coloured fibreglass designed by local artist Wong Ka Long.

Performance art is also included in Art Macao and will be presented in phases, including highlights from the Macao Orchestra and Macao Chinese Orchestra concert seasons, dance productions such as the contemporary Under Siege from Yang Liping and events such as the International Youth Dance Festival, the International Youth Music Festival, the International Youth Drama Festival and the 2019! Outload Street Art Festival.

The full event programme, and further details on Art Macao, can be found here: Cover image Under Siege by Yang Liping Contemporary Dance, c. Li Yi Jian