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Three Initiatives for World Oceans Day


June 8 is World Oceans Day, and around the globe there will be a series of World Oceans Day activities that will highlight the problem facing the world, and help do something about it.

So, Travel Begins at 40 has chosen to mark World Oceans Day by highlighting three initiatives to reduce the amount of plastic floating around our rivers, seas and oceans.

Water to Go

Water to Go Bottle at Machu Picchu
Water to Go Bottle at Machu Picchu

We are all guilty of it. Whether it’s for convenience or not trusting the local water supply, research indicates that 65 percent of us use more plastic bottles while on holiday than at home. Often these bottles end up in the world’s oceans and rivers. The solution is simple – use reusable water bottles.

Many hotels and restaurants will let you refill your water bottle with their safe water, but what do you do when there is no safe water supply, or you are out in the wilderness?

Water to Go’s water bottles have a 3-in-1 filter, that removes 99.9% of all microbiological contaminants found in water, through mechanical, electrical and carbon filtration systems. Apparently the technology was developed as part of the NASA space programme. Learn more here.

I used the bottles on a recent trip to Moldova with Explore, who are promoting the bottle to all their customers, and fully endorse the product – or at least my stomach does.

Safe Water Straight from the Tap

World Oceans Day
Kranavatn, probably the best tap water in the World

Access to unsafe drinking water is not a problem you will encounter in Iceland.

According to the Environment Agency of Iceland, the country’s tap water, which has been filtered through volcanic lava for centuries and 98 percent of which is chemically untreated, shows levels of unwanted trace elements far below accepted limits.

The result is some of the cleanest and best tasting tap water in the world, claims Inspired by Iceland, the country’s official tourist board, who, together with the Environment Agency of Iceland, have launched a playful campaign that highlights the quality of its tap water.

The campaign message is quite simple – bring a reusable bottle with you when you visit the country on your holidays. Then, drink Kranavatn – ‘tap water’ in Icelandic – the world’s first ‘premium tap water brand’. The campaign even has its own video.

You can drink Kranavatn at selected hotels, restaurants and bars in Iceland, as well as at the Kranavatn bar upon arrival at the airport straight from the tap.

Dive Fest in Barbados
Dive Fest Barbados
Dive Fest Barbados Underwater Clean-Up

July will see Dive Fest Barbados, where young and old will take to the water to carry out a series of environmental awareness measures.

One such is lionfish hunting. The species is one of the most invasive in the Caribbean and causes a great deal of damage to coral reefs and local ecosystems.

The week-long festival (2 to 7 July) will also see a series of beach and underwater clean-ups, including diving, monitoring the coral condition, and turtle tagging. There will also be a recycled boat race.

And, of course, this being Barbados, expect loads of fun intermingled with the good work.

World Oceans Day

For more information on World Oceans Day, to find a local event, or even to suggest an event for next year, click here

Mark Bibby Jackson

Mark Bibby Jackson

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