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Destinations around the world are boosting efforts to encourage sustainable tourism, and Barbados is at the forefront of this movement.

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Destinations around the world are boosting efforts to encourage sustainable tourism, and Barbados is at the forefront of this movement. Barbados strives to lead by example from the frontline of the climate crisis.

Barbados values the importance of sustainable tourism for both visitors and locals alike and welcomes guests to experience the wonders of the island’s beautiful natural habitat, from land to sea. Barbados has made a promise to become the first 100% green and fossil-fuel free island-state in the world by 2030. To support this goal through sustainable tourism, the island has implemented several initiatives and offers many opportunities for guests to give back to the environment during their stay.

Volunteer for a night with the Barbados Sea Turtle Project

Barbados Sea Turtle Project
Barbados Sea Turtle Project

Barbados understands the importance of marine life and the island is dedicated to protecting the rare and wonderful species that live in its waters. To support this, Barbados has implemented a number of conservation efforts on the island including, the Blue Green Initiative and the Barbados Sea Turtle Project.

The BlueGreen Initiative is a reef restoration pilot project which uses innovative Biorock technology to grow limestone from seawater. The goal of this project is to increase coral growth and create new fish habitat.

The Barbados Sea Turtle Project (BSTP) focuses on the conservation of the critically endangered marine turtle species that forage around and nest on Barbados. This project, which has been managed by the University of the West Indies, for over 30 years, operates a 24-hour monitoring and response service, and recruits Barbadians and long-stay visitors as volunteers to assist with its programmes. Visitors who are staying on-island under four weeks can spend a day or night out with the BSTP responding to calls about sightings of nesting females, female monitoring, hatchling rescues and releases.

Plant Trees

Plant trees in Barbados
Plant trees in Barbados

There is no better way to connect with nature and the Earth than to get your hands dirty and plant some trees. Visitors to Barbados can plant a fruit tree whilst on holiday and join the wider Bajan community in their efforts to decrease carbon emissions and achieve food security, an important developmental goal the island nation is striving to achieve by the year 2030.

One such place where this can be done is the Coco Hill Forest. Visitors can choose to plant fruit trees or vegetables in the lush reserve. They also have the option of planting trees to expand the Barbados Botanical Gardens and Barbados Trailway.

Join a Beach/Sea Clean-Up

Help keep Barbados' beaches pristine
Help keep Barbados’ beaches pristine

While enjoying the stunning beauty of Barbados’ crystal-clear seas, visitors can do their part to help the environment by joining a beach/ocean clean-up.

Non-profit organisations in Barbados regularly carry out extensive beach clean-ups on a monthly basis. These clean-ups keep the shores of the island in pristine condition and also aid in the survival of many endangered species such as the Hawksbill and Leatherback turtles. Visitors can join in at the Dare to Care Beach Clean-Up or the Dive Fest Beach Clean-Up. Guests help to maintain the beautiful views and enjoy them simultaneously.

Hydrate with ECO Sky Water

Barbados has a high population density. This coupled with high demand of fresh water and unusual weather patterns resulting in less rainfall and prolonged droughts has put pressure on the island’s water resources. Enter ECO Sky Water, a small, local water production company that produces, stores and distributes its own water. By using solar-powered hydro-panel water generation technology to extract and store atmospheric water; distributing water in backyard compostable bottles and returnable glass bottles; and utilising renewable energy to drive all aspects of its operations, ECO Sky Water operates with a near-zero carbon footprint, near-negligible grid connectivity and zero waste generation.

Enjoy Sea & Farm-To-Table Cuisine

For a small country, supporting home-grown produce is essential for sustainable development and Barbados offer incredible support to farmers who produce unmissable meals straight from farm-to-table. Known as the culinary capital of the Caribbean, Barbados’ restaurants and chefs go above and beyond to deliver the freshest meals possible. Many restaurants base their menus on seasonal produce from local farmers such as fruit, vegetables, local meat and fish.

OistinsFishFry Barbados
Oistins Fish Fry

Oistins Bay Gardens, Barbados’ famous fishing town located in Christ Church, is a great example of an area that utilises local produce. Here visitors can hand pick their ‘catch of the day’ and get it grilled or fried right in front of them. This is a great way to support local fisher folk and the community, while enjoying an excellent meal at the same time.

Home to many farm animals, organic crops and nature reserves, P.E.G. Farm is one of the organic agriculture centres in Barbados. Another great example of a self-sustaining area with excellent cuisine. Here visitors can enjoy a garden-to-table lunch at their farmhouse café before taking a walking tour through the nature reserves to really take in the natural beauty of the island.

Visitors can also enjoy fresh, local cuisine at Local & Co. This restaurant is committed to the health of Barbados’ waters and soils, they also recognise the value of the Bajan food community and growing the local economy. Guests can dine at Local & Co. and trust they will receive a delicious meal produced with sustainability in mind.

Stay in Sustainable Accommodation

Barbados values and promotes the use of several sustainable accommodation (which are carefully built to preserve the natural beauty of the island), encouraging guests to experience the natural beauty of the island while ensuring minimal impact on the environment. Barbados welcome visitors to stay at one of the many eco-lodges dotted across the land. ‘Eco-lodges’ are any accommodation that abides by sustainable practices, such as using sustainable energy sources such as solar power. These accommodations are often made from natural or recycled materials. Below are some sustainable accommodation options for your stay in Barbados:

ECO Lifestyle + Lodge, Tent Bay, Barbados

  • Recycling system in place for plastic, glass and paper
  • Compost used for feeding local pigs and in gardening soil
  • Eliminated most single use plastics where possible

Little Arches Boutique Hotel, Christ Church, Barbados

For more information on sustainable tourism in Barbados please visit www.mindfultravelbarbados.com.

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