For some, the celebration of turning ‘the big four-oh’ is a massive ‘four-uh-oh’ when it comes to travelling, especially if they are single or their partner or pals don’t fancy forays to the same dream destinations.  Solo travel adventure holiday specialist, Flash Pack, was formed from just such a personal moment, when the then 30-something co-founders – Radha Vyas and Lee Thompson – realised there was nobody to organise a bucket-list busting adventure for single travellers who didn’t want to hit the road alone.

Flash Pack offers quality adventure holidays for like-minded professional people in their 30s and 40s who are travelling on their own whether due to being single, or because their loved ones can’t and don’t wish to travel. Many customers book these holidays to celebrate their big birthday.

Leading TV Psychologist Robert Stewart said: “Turning 40 can be a pivotal point in life and a time where you can take stock of where you are. Whereas our 30s can be a time of forging a career, many use their 40s to nurture their purpose. Taking into account that many others at 40 may have commitments that hold them to rigid routines and schedules, if you’re lucky enough to have some freedom you’d be wise to enjoy it to the full.” 

Accepted as a time in life when there may be access to a higher-disposable income than in previous years, and a move to self-indulgence rather than pinching the pennies, Stewart added: “At 40 we possess a number of traits and aspects that can truly benefit us. We have a wisdom and confidence that we may have lacked 10 years prior and this can be used to explore new places and indulge our independence”.

“Forty is also a time where because others have taken different paths pursuing careers or family, we can begin to reassess those people close to us. There may be people we no longer feel close to and we may wish to broaden our social circle, and at forty we have the sense of self to know who we would like around us and the confidence to follow through”, Stewart said.

First-time Flashpacker, Jenni Bridgman went to Vietnam and Cambodia in November 2016 to celebrate her fortieth birthday. Bridgman said: “My fortieth birthday was looming and I felt I needed to mark it with something special. I’d always wanted to go to Vietnam and Cambodia but it was important for me to share it with likeminded people whilst still investing in myself, because I am worth it. Flash Pack was the perfect choice. A great mixture of activities, boutique rather than mainstream accommodation, and a fantastic group of people to share the experience with meant my fortieth birthday was everything I hoped it would be, and much more.”

Lee Thompson, co-founder of Flash Pack, said: “Whether you see it as a self-treat or part of a career break, a reward for success in your 30s or a way to welcome broader horizons in your 40s, an adventure – in comfort – surrounded by likeminded people is the ideal way to kickstart your fifth decade.”

Here’s a selection of Flash Pack’s FAB 40 adventures:

Japan travel Mount fuji

South Africa Garden Route – 13 days from £3,299 per person

Vietnam and Cambodia – 14 days from £2,299 per person

Journey to Japan –  13 days from £3,599 per person

Philippines Paradise – 13 days from £2,699 per person

Magical Morocco – 9 days from £1549 per person

Blazing Brazil – 9 days from £2149 per person

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