Topic: Bangkok

Chaotic and exciting, and bursting with both delights and challenges, the world’s most visited city in 2017, contradictory Bangkok has become a phenomenon on every traveller’s list of urban destinations.

Things to Do in Bangkok

From the kingdom’s most sacred temples and hidden heritage sites to floating markets and relentless shopping, this capital city truly caters to everyone’s taste. And when your visit takes place in April during Songkran or Thai New Year, chances are you will be caught up in the fun-filled festivities and end up soaked in water.

Bangkok Street Food

With any of the world’s cuisines on offer in Michelin-starred restaurants, you can dine like a king here, but it’s the local street food that keeps winning over visitors’ hearts and stomachs.

Bangkok Weather

Thailand’s tropical capital has three seasons – hot, cool and rainy – so come prepared and pack both some sunscreen and an umbrella.


Let yourself be pampered in first-class yoga and spa retreats or return to your backpacking days for a spot of nostalgia in a cheap budget hostel – the City of Angels has got it all.

Let the adventure begin.