From Morocco to South Africa, Africa is one of the most diverse continents.

Interested in Africa?

From the Atlas Mountains in the north to the Table Mountains in the south, Africa is a wonderful and vibrant continent full or rich and varied opportunities for the Over 40 and Over 50 travel adventurer. Whether it is going off the piste on a safari in Tanzania, a road trip through South Africa popping in to the occasional vineyard en route, or trekking in search of the remote mountain gorillas in Uganda, at Travel Begins at 40 we have the most wonderful Africa travel experiences to share with you. Our pages are full of interviews with experts in the field who can share their views, opinions and experiences with you as well. And why not pick up a festival to really get under the skin of a culture, such as the Voodoo Festival in Benin and other countries. The pyramids in Giza, a weekend retreat in Marrakesh, or venturing into the jungles of Madagascar, Africa is a huge continent just waiting there for you, let Travel Begins at 40 inspire you to a new adventure. After all you may only live once, but you can travel a lifetime.