City Breaks

City Breaks are a great way to explore a new and exciting place in a few days, when you don’t have longer to spare. Sometimes you just don’t have more time to invest in a place however much you want to. At Travel Begins at 40, we understand your Over 40 and Over 50 travel needs. A hostel or dorm bed no longer cuts it, and you’d prefer not to queue for the museum if you can possibly avoid it – you value your time as much as your money. Our team of expert travel writers have compiled their favourite city breaks so that you can benefit from our experiences and enjoy what we have enjoyed. Whether it is a weekend exploring the museums of Amsterdam, a weekend diving in the bars of Brussels, or something a bit more exotic – Singapore or Hanoi perhaps – read our pages for the best of tips aimed specifically at the Over 40 and Over 50 traveller.

Let the adventure begin.